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About the Café

Connue Café catches up with people in our industry who have ventured into an interesting new area. Connue Café provides a virtual ‘cup of coffee’ with someone who has taken on a new role – whether in industry or volunteer – that makes us sit up and appreciate how much they’re enjoying what they’re doing. It encourages us that we too can get to that point by leveraging all that great experience we’ve captured.

Why Connue Café? It’s a mix of Connections and Value and realizing that connecting in and of itself has value. Why Café? Because I love coffee. That simple.

Author Spotlight

Sheila Noonan has been enlisted to write this because of her unique background. Sheila has a background as a freelance journalist and is a communications consultant who writes primarily about health care, the pharmaceutical industry, and higher education. As a reporter, some of her articles have been seen in NJ Spotlight where she wrote primarily about Rutgers and higher education. Before that, she wrote patient-friendly educational articles for University Hospital in Newark, NJ. As a consultant, her clients have included pharmaceutical companies—for which she has written internal articles and managed internal news channels—as well as agencies and consultancies such as G. Stone Connections, L.L.C.

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