Engaging with patient advocates and patient organizations?

Embedding the patient perspective into how you do business?

It doesn’t always require a separate workstream…it just requires smart people with expertise and good sense who can help you walk with them

First, let’s stop thinking like ‘ourselves’ – stop thinking of patient experiences in terms of disease stage or phase of drug development. Patients don’t necessarily think in a linear fashion, and the environment in which all of us exist doesn’t either.

To be focused on patients…to work with advocates and patient organizations means to recognize it’s not about how industry operates, but how patients experience their disease. That shift in thinking is key in developing initiatives that meet client objectives while reflecting patient perspectives.

G. Stone Connections brings smart people with a variety of life and work experiences – patient advocacy, clinical, medical affairs, market research, communications, commercial and more.

We understand how to engage employees – to create experiences that resonate and align with corporate culture. We have worked with advocates to gain input and insight on patient focused initiatives and with patient organizations – navigating the unique spectrum of interests they each represent.

And with decades of experience in global organizations, we appreciate how complex it can be to navigate processes.

Ultimately, we create experiences – live, in-person or remote – that center on the patient perspective and needs and deliver those experiences through trusted relationships, employee workshops, change management initiatives, patient organization programs and many others.  

The expert consultants at G. Stone Connections can bring the patient perspective to life within your people and your organization, and with the advocates and organizations that represent the needs of people living with disease around the world.