Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund, Community Hope NJ, Soft Bones, Homeless Solutions, National Coalition for the Homeless, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Eleventh Hour Rescue?

They’re organizations that my firm – G. Stone Connections, L.L.C. – gave to in 2021 as my way of saying THANK YOU to the expert consultants and dedicated clients who work every day to make patients’ lives better.  Here’s to 2022 and hopefully more opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.


Giving Throughout the Year

It’s January so you’ve likely packed away the ornaments, the menorah or the Kwanzaa candles, but I’m still thinking about Charles Dickens’ most well-known character. Ebeneezer Scrooge realizes the joys of giving after four ghosts call on him and promises to honor Christmas in his heart all year round. It’s a giving philosophy that transcends fiction or any holiday.

But did you ever notice? Scrooge himself receives a gift: The ability to see beyond his own circumstances. It’s a characteristic shared by GSC clients, who work tirelessly on behalf of patients, although they themselves might not have a personal connection to the condition. Thank you for your dedication. And then there’s my GSC consultants, who share my passion for patients and also respond generously to many worthy non-profit organizations.  A new year is a fitting time to give a huge shout out to my team for their talents and their compassion.  Thank you!

Giving is a very personal choice and often a difficult one, as there is an abundance of need and many worthy nonprofits that attempt to meet it. I’d like to highlight some organizations that I supported in 2021. All of them are committed to improving lives.

  • I continue to think about the people affected by the tornadoes that swept the Midwest in early December. The Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund, established by the state’s governor, provides much-needed assistance to tornado victims.
  • Our veterans are national treasures, yet daily life for some is extremely challenging, whether because of PTSD, unemployment, substance abuse or homelessness.
    • Community Hope NJ, through its Hope for Veterans® programs, provides housing and services for veterans and their families; it also serves nonveterans with mental health and substance abuse challenges.
    • The Fisher House Foundation builds houses that are available at no cost to veteran and military families when a loved one is hospitalized; donates frequent flyer miles and hotel points, respectively, through its Hero Miles and Hotels for Heroes programs.
  • Some nonprofits serve thousands of people; to me, it’s as important to support those that, by number, serve relatively few. Soft Bones advocates for patients and families living with hypophosphatasia, a rare bone disease, and funds important research.
  • No one truly chooses to be homeless. Two organizations – Homeless Solutions in Morris County, N.J., and the National Coalition for the Homeless – compassionately provide practical solutions and services for the men, women and children who are without a home.
  • The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and Eleventh Hour Rescue  provide refuge, care and a chance at adoption for cats and dogs in the most hopeless of situations, whether because of congenital conditions, accidents or human neglect or cruelty.

Thank you once again for your commitment to helping others, and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2022!