Connecting the patient's voice in an evolving healthcare landscape to you and your organization

Engaging with patients and advocacy groups, crafting and managing access policies and programs, and distinguishing your organization before ever-increasing stakeholders – just some of the day to day challenges impacting healthcare organizations.

To put your footprint on the new environment and to manage those issues that drain your time and energy, G. Stone Connections, L.L.C. will look out for you.

When it’s brisk out there and the terrain constantly shifts, you need an ally to help map your forward path.

New technology, new alliances, evolving stakeholders and a constant flux in the healthcare environment requires agility and expertise in growing the voice of the patient throughout your organization.  And you need a smart consultancy to help you get that done – G. Stone Connections, L.L.C.   

With decades of experience in corporations and agencies in R&D-driven industries, Gloria Stone launched her own consultancy more than 10 years ago.  While in-house, she built global patient advocacy, communications and external affairs functions by leveraging the knowledge and agility of external consultants. As a result, programs were up and running effectively and quickly.  

Leveraging that model, G. Stone Connections brings together consultants to identify and open opportunities in patient engagement, patient advocacy and understanding the patient mindset. Bringing energy, efficiency and expertise, the team at G. Stone Connections can help you drive patient-focused programs that meet your business objectives, engage your colleagues and meet patients’ needs. 


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