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Strategic Planning

Developing patient and caregiver engagement planning aligned with your business and organization structure
  • Patient organization funding guidance and review processes
  • Coaching and education for colleagues new to patient/caregiver advocacy function
  • Programs and resources that match your current capability and grow as you grow

Program Development

Creating initiatives that meet patient and caregiver needs directly or by centering in customer relationship management programs reaching other healthcare stakeholders
  • Embed patient voice in existing sales, MSL relationship management programs; develop training workshops
  • Create and implement peer navigation programs enabling patient organizations to support member needs more effectively within their country’s healthcare system

Real World Insights

Gathering intelligence from the patient and caregiver communities for clinical development, launch and lifecycle planning
  • Create surveys, polls, focus groups and advisory boards to gain insight on new product introductions, materials and programs
  • Develop, conduct and moderate workshops to embed patient voice in clinical development mindset
  • Develop and manage innovative initiatives (e.g., cancer NGO crowdsourcing event introduced at invitee-only meeting hosted by ASCO) to gather real-world recommendations to address key global issues (e.g., access to quality cancer medicines globally)

Relationship Building

Identifying and assessing patient organizations and structuring an outreach plan that builds and maintains a relationship valuable for you and them
  • Map out, assess key patient organizations with which to build relationships
  • Initiate outreach plan, including introductions, ongoing relationship management
  • For biotech/smaller organizations, take on interim role as patient advocacy function until function established

Enterprise Engagement

Designing approaches and resources that help motivate colleagues to deliver for the patient and caregiver
  • Create events such as forums, awareness days, to enhance disease understanding
  • Bring patients/caregivers on site/leverage virtual channels to enable patients/caregivers to tell the story of their disease journey
  • Develop communications for senior leadership that ties colleagues’ activities to addressing patient needs

Storytelling for the Patient/Caregiver Audience

Connecting the novelty and impact of new science to a broad patient community by crafting narratives that communicate innovation, impact and value
  • Writing and visuals telling the story of scientific advances in a way that general patient audiences can understand; leverage with patient organizations, websites, media

We Can Step In

It’s always about the patient and the caregiver – regardless of the situation being faced in today’s evolving healthcare environment.
We provide solutions centered on the patient and caregiver voice

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